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Fn - full paper with paper ID=n, Sn - short paper with paper ID=n, Pn - poster paper with paper ID=n
n - General Track paper session number n;
n - Cognitive Human-Machine Interaction Track paper session number n;
n - Cybersecurity and Biometrics Track paper session number n;
n - Cyber Cities and Cyber Manufacturing Track paper session number n.
Color coding:
n plenary meeting; n parallel paper session; n food break; n cultural event; n lecture room not used.
TIME Lecture Room LR 1 Lecture Room LR 2
09:00-09:15 Opening greetings by the conference chairs  
09:15-10:15 Keynote 1: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa   
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30-11:30 Posters fast forward (15'), presentations and demos (45')
P109,  P110, P111, P112, P115, P116, P117, P120, P121, P122, P123
11:30-12:45 Panel: Human-Robot Co-Existence  
12:45-13:45 Lunch  
13:45-15:45 GT1 (Kiyoshi Kiyokawa): F26, F69, F101, F35 CHMI1 (Reinhod Scherer): F33, F100, S105, S46, S61
15:45-16:00 Coffee Break  
16:00-18:00 GT2 (Andres Iglesias): F40, F50, F76, F64 CHMI2 (Anastasios Bezerianos): F106, F20, S89, S21
18:15-22:00 Two way bus downtown and city signtseeing program (the details to be further announced).
Buses to depart from NEC at 18:15 and the return buses from Marina Bay Sands to NEC at 22:00.
TIME Lecture Room LR 1 Lecture Room LR 2
09:00-11:00 GT3 (Marius Erdt): F60, F83, F88, S77 CHMI3 (Hassan Ugail): F48, F82, F52, F16
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break  
11:15-13:15 GT4 (Zheng Jianmin): S67, S51, S8, S31, S34, S30 CHMI4 (Liu Yisi): F19, F41, F78, S99
13:15-14:15 Lunch  
14:15-15:15 Keynote 2: Christophe Rosenberger  
15:15-16:15 Keynote 3: Chen Chun-Hsien  
16:15-17:00 Industrial talk: Terry Yin  
17:15-21:30 Bird show and conference banquette at Jurong Bird Park. Buses to depart fro NEC at 17:15.
Private bird show: 18:00-19:00. Cocktail reception and dinner: 19:00 - 21:30. Buses depart for NEC at 21:45.
TIME Lecture Room LR 1 Lecture Room LR 2
09:00-11:00 GT5 (Angelos Amditis): S45, S15, S24, S55, S10, S47 CSB1 (Christophe Charrier): F75, F81, F92, F85
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break  
11:15-12:15 GT6 (Alexei Sourin): S86, S74, S97  CSB2 (Patrick Bours): S80, S66, S96
12:15-13:15 CCCM1 (Henry Johan): F9, F14 CSB2 (Patrick Bours): S42, S73, S36
13:15-14:15 Lunch  
14:15-15:55 CCCM2 (Bodo Urban):  F37, S68, S54, S84 CHMI5 (Khng Kiat Hui): S32, S95, S90, S118, S17
15:55-16:10 Coffee Break  
16:10-17:10 Keynote 4: Bodo Urban  
17:10-17:30 Best paper awards; CW2019 presenation; Closing  
The List of Conference Papers
the name of the presenting author is underlined
Paper ID General Track: Full Papers
F26 Modeling Single-Gyroid Structures in Surface Mesh Models for 3D Printing
Jidong Wang,
Ruibin Zhao and Mingyong Pang
F35 Color Preference Differences between Head Mounted Displays and PC Screens
Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel and Nico Häffner
F40 Facial Expression Editing in Face Sketch using Shape Space Theory
Chenlei Lv, Zhongke Wu, Xingce Wang, Dan Zhang, Xiangyuan Liu and Mingquan Zhou
F50 A Robust and Efficient Algorithm for Multi-body Continuous Collision Detection
Binbin Qi and Mingyong Pang
F60 Enhancing Sketching and Sculpting for Shape Modeling
Kai Wang,
Jianmin Zheng and Hock Soon Seah
F64 An Experimental Comparison of Text Classification Techniques
Suyash Lakhotia and Xavier Bresson
F69 MaeSTrO: A Mobile App for Style Transfer Orchestration using Neural Networks
Max Reimann, Mandy Klingbeil, Sebastian Pasewaldt,
Amir Semmo, Matthias Trapp and Jürgen Döllner
F76 What User Interface to Use for Virtual Reality? 2D, 3D or Speech–A User Study
Yannick Weiß,
Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Sieß and Matthias Wölfel
F83 An Automatic Method for Semantic Focal Feature Point Tracking of 3D Human Model in Motion Sequence
Peng Xiaoyu, Tan Xiaohui and Wang Kang
F88 Self-Training System for Tennis Shots with Motion Feature Assessment and Visualization
Masaki Oshita, Takumi Inao, Tomohiko Mukai and Shigeru Kuriyama
F101 LifeBrush: Painting Interactive Agent-based Simulations
Timothy Davison, Faramarz Samavati and Christian Jacob
  General Track: Short Papers
S8 Autonomous Virtual Player in a Video Game Imitating Human Players: the ORION Framework
Cédric Buche,
Cindy Even and Julien Soler
S10 Training an FCN with Synthetic Images for Component Segmentation with Applications in Orientation Estimation and Image Inpainting
Achim Rehberger, Kai Weber and Yvonne Jung
S15 Glossy Reflections for Mixed Reality Environments on Mobile Devices
Tobias Schwandt,  Christian Kunert and Wolfgang Broll
S24 Text to 3D Model of Chinese Ancient Architecture
Yan Wang, Pu Ren, Mingquan Zhou, Wuyang Shui and Pengbo Zhou
S30 Reproducing Implicit Curves with Sharp Features
Jingjie Zhao, Jidong Wang, Ruibin Zhao and Mingyong Pang
S31 On Multiple-view Matrix Based 3D Reconstruction from Multiple-view Images
Hui-Min Huang, Rui-Bin Zhao and Ming-Yong Pang
S34 A Benchmark for Distance Measurements
Ulrich Krispel, Dieter W. Fellner and Torsten Ullrich
S45 Computer-aided Sugoroku Games in the Edo Period Using Interactive Techniques for Museum Exhibits
Asako Soga, Masahito Shiba and Takuzi Suzuki
S47 Towards Asynchronous Video-haptic Interaction in Cyberspace
Guo Song and Alexei Sourin
S51 A Framework for 3D Object Segmentation and Retrieval using Local Geometric Surface Features
Dimitrios Dimou and
Konstantinos Moustakas
S55 A Figurative and Non-topological Approach to Mathematical Visualization
Atsushi Miyazawa, Masanori Nakayama and Issei Fujishiro
S67 Bot Believability Assessment: a Novel Protocol & Analysis of Judge Expertise
Cindy Even,
Anne-Gwenn Bosser and Cédric Buche
S74 Effects of Electrical Pain Stimuli on Immersion in Virtual Reality
Matthias Wölfel and Joey Schubert
S77 Real-Time Art-Directed Charcoal Cyber Arts
Yee Xin Chiew, Hock Soon Seah and Santiago E. Montesdeoca
S86 GPS Trail Visualizer for Online Communities
Andreas Chrisna Mayong, Vajisha U. Wanniarachchi,
Owen Noel Newton Fernando and May Oo Lwin
S97 Parallel 3D Skeleton Extraction using Mesh Segmentation
Iason Manolas, Aris Lalos and
Konstantinos Moustakas
  Track on Cognitive Human-machine Interaction: Full Papers
F16 Force-Based Evolutionary Computation Approach for Automatic Skeletal Motion Learning in Human Animation
Francisco Calatayud, Luis de la Vega-Hazas and
Andrés Iglesias
F19 Stable Feature Selection for EEG-based Emotion Recognition
Zirui Lan, Olga Sourina, Lipo Wang, Yisi Liu, Reinhold Scherer and Gernot R. Müller-Putz
F20  EEG-based Cadets Training and Performance Assessment System in Maritime Virtual Simulator
Yisi Liu, Zirui Lan, Olga Sourina, Hui Ping Liew, Gopala Krishnan, Dimitrios Konovessis and Hock Eng Ang
F33 Classifying Brain Activities in Perception of Shape-analogous English Letters Based on EEG Signal
Rohit Bose, Sim Kuan Goh, Kian F Wong, Nitish Thakor,
Anastasios Bezerianos and Junhua Li
F41 Computational Analysis of Smile Weight Distribution across the Face for Accurate Distinction between Genuine and Posed Smiles
Ahmad Al-dahoud and
Hassan Ugail
F48 Sign Words Annotation Assistance using Japanese Sign Language Words Recognition
Natsuki Takayama and Hiroki Takahashi
F52 REVAM: a Virtual Reality Application for Inducing Body Size Perception Modifications
Cédric Buche and Nathalie Le Bigot
F78 Neural Mechanisms of Social Emotion Perception: An EEG Hyper-scanning Study
Li Zhu, Fabien Lotte, Gaochao Cui, Junhua Li, Changle Zhou and Andrezj Cichocki
F82 Investigation on the Correlation between Eye Movement and Reaction Time under Mental Fatigue Influence
Vianney Renata,
Fan Li, Ching-Hung Lee and Chun-Hsien Chen
F100 Exactly Periodic Spatial Filter For SSVEP Based BCIs
Kiran Kumar G.R. and Ramasubba Reddy M.
F106 Powering Up Attentional Focus: Validating a school-based deep breathing intervention with mobile EEG—a pilot exploration
Khng Kiat Hui and Ravikiran Mane
  Track on Cognitive Human-machine Interaction: Short Paper
S17 Computational Intelligence CSA-Based Approach for Machine-Driven Calculation of Outline Curves of Cutaneous Melanoma
Akemi Gálvez and
Andrés Iglesias
S21 EEG-based Evaluation of Mental Fatigue Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Yisi Liu, Zirui Lan, Han Hua Glenn Khoo, King Ho Holden Li, Olga Sourina and Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig
S32 Designing a Digital Fitness Game System for Older Adults in Community Settings
Jinhui Li, Mojisola Erdt,
James Chong Boi Lee, Harsha Vijayakumar, Caroline Robert and Yin-Leng Theng
S46 Cross Dataset Workload Classification Using Encoded Wavelet Decomposition Features
Wei Lun Lim, Olga Sourina and Lipo Wang 
S61 A Visual Keyboard System using Hybrid Dual Frequency SSVEP Based Brain Computer Interface with VOG Integration
Saravanakumar D. and Ramasubba Reddy M.
S89 A Novel Visual Keyboard System for Disabled People/Individuals using Hybrid SSVEP Based Brain Computer Interface
Saravanakumar D. and Ramasubba Reddy M.
S90 Promoting Healthy and Active Ageing Through Exergames: Effects of Exergames on Senior Adults’ Psychosocial Well-being
Chen Li, Jinhui Li, Tan Pham Phat, Yin-Leng Theng, and Bing Xun Chia
S95 Prediction of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia from Objective Linguistic, Acoustic and Non-verbal Conversational Cues. Debsubhra Chakraborty, Shihao Xu, Zixu Yang, Victoria Chua, Yasir Tahir, Justin Dauwels, Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Bhing-Leet Tan and Jimmy Lee
S99 Personas and Emotional Design for Public Service Robots: A Case Study with Autonomous Vehicles in Public Transportation
Penny Kong, Henriette Cornet and Fritz Frenkler
S105 Predicting Ordinal Level of Sedation from the Spectrogram of Electroencephalography
Haoqi Sun, Sunil B. Nagaraj and M. Brandon Westover
S118 Improved User Interface for a Virtual Integrated Therapy for Active Living (VITAL) – Health Box: An Elderly Perspective
Bing Xun Chia, Chuan Cheng, May Thet Hnin, Zwe Marn Tun Lwin, Tan Phat Pham, Quoc Nam Tran Nguyen and Yin-Leng Theng
  Track on Cybersecurity and Biometrics: Full Papers
F75 A 3D Approach for the Visualization of Network Intrusion Detection Data
Wei Zong,
Yang-Wai Chow and Willy Susilo
F81 Enhancing the Security of Transformation Based Biometric Template Protection Schemes
Loubna Ghammam,
Morgan Barbier and Christophe Rosenberger
F85 Cross-Pocket Gait Recognition
Patrick Bours and Thilo Denzer
F92 User Dependent Template Update for Keystroke Dynamics Recognition
Abir Mhenni, Estelle Cherrier,
Christophe Rosenberger and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara
  Track on Cybersecurity and Biometrics: Short Papers
S36 A New Black Box Evaluation Protocol for Biometric Systems
Antoine Cabana,
Christophe Charrier and Alain Louis
S42 Experiments on Deep Face Recognition using Partial Faces
Ali Elmahmudi and
Hassan Ugail
S66 Kinect vs Lytro in RGB-D Face Recognition
Valeria Chiesa and Jean-Luc Dugelay
S73 RHU Keystroke Touchscreen Benchmark
Mohamad El-Abed, Mostafa Dafer and Christophe Rosenberger
S80 Analysis of Keystroke Dynamics For the Generation of Synthetic Datasets
Denis Migdal and Christophe Rosenberger
S96 A Client based Anomaly Traffic Detection and Blocking Mechanism by Monitoring DNS Name Resolution With User Alerting Feature
Yong Jin, Kunitaka Kakoi, Nariyoshi Yamai, Naoya Kitagawa and Masahiko Tomoishi
  Track on Cyber Cities and Cyber Manufacturing: Full Papers
F9 Towards Automatic Optical Inspection of Soldering Defects
Wenting Dai, Abdul Mujeeb, Marius Erdt and Alexei Sourin
F14 Unsupervised Surface Defect Detection Using Deep Autoencoders and Data Augmentation
Abdul Mujeeb, Wenting Dai, Marius Erdt and Alexei Sourin
F37 An Appearance-Driven Method for Converting Polygon Soup Building Models for 3D Geospatial Applications
Kan Chen, Henry Johan and Marius Erdt
  Track on Cyber Cities and Cyber Manufacturing: Short Papers
S54 Securing Spatial Data Infrastructures in the Context of Smart Cities
Kanishk Chaturvedi, Andreas Matheus, Son H. Nguyen and Thomas H. Kolbe 
S68 Using Mobile Phone Data to Determine Human Mobility Patterns in Paris
Eric Valega Prawirodidjojo,
Rui Jie Quek, Bu–Sung Lee, Vincent Gauthier and Markus Schläpfer
S84 Cloud-Based Dynamic Streaming and Loading of 3D Scene
Budianto Tandianus, Hock Soon Seah, Tuan Dat Vu and Anh Tú Phan
  Poster Papers
P109 The Role of Wearable Technology in Children’s Creativity
Rojin Vishkaie
P110 Deep Learning with Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Network for Daily Container Volumes of Storage Yard Predictions in Port
Yinping Gao, Daofang Chang, Chun-Hsien Chen and Ting Fang
P111 The Behavior Symptoms of Undergraduates’ Social Anxiety in the Virtual World
Yungang Wei,
Lin Huang, Wei Wang, Yanqiu Zhang and Zihan Wang 
P112 Effects of Sound Volume Change When Squeezing a Virtual Soft Object with a Bare Hand
Mie Sato, Zentaro Kimura, Yuki Tanaka, Natsumi Motoura, Naoki Hashimoto and Arie E. Kaufman
P115 Outliers Removal of Highly Dense and Unorganized Point Clouds Acquired by Laser Scanners in Urban Environments
Gerasimos Arvanitis, Aris S. Lalos,
Konstantinos Moustakas and Nikos Fakotakis
P116 Real-time Haptic Rendering of Double-points Interaction
Xinli Wu, Wenzhen Yang, Minxiong Zhang, Xin Huang, Xuxiao Wu and Zhigeng Pan 
P117 Towards Citizen-powered Cyberworlds for Environmental Monitoring
Maria Krommyda, Evangelos Sdongos, Stefano Tamascelli, Athanasia Tsertou,
Geli Latsa and Angelos Amditis
P120 Are Online Co-Adaptive Sensorimotor Rhythm Brain-Computer Interface Training Paradigms Effective?
José Diogo Cunha and
Reinhod Scherer
P121 Augmented Virtualized Observation of Hidden Physical Quantities in Occupational Therapy. Alberto Fornaser, Mariolino De Cecco,
Paolo Tomasin, Matteo Zanetti, Giovanni Guandalini, Barbara Gasperini, Patrizia Ianes, Francesco Pilla and Rossella Ghensi
P122 Multilingual Semantic Cyberspace of Scientific Papers Based on WebVR Technology
Michael Charnine, Konstantin Kuznetsov and Oleg Zolotarev
P123 Fatigue Prediction and Intervention for Continuous Play in Video Games
Thanat Damrongwatanapokin and Koji Mikami

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